Are you building a new home addition in Clemson, SC, this spring? When figuring out how to cool it, you might consider installing a window air conditioning unit first. That could be a costly mistake, though. Read on to learn why ductless AC systems are a better option than window air conditioning units.


Both from inside and outside the home addition, a window air conditioner can be an eyesore. They completely disrupt the overall aesthetic you’ve worked hard to achieve. Additionally, window units are noisy and can potentially damage the window frame.

With a ductless mini-split system, you have one small condenser unit installed outside the home and one or more indoor air handlers. Our service technicians can easily tuck the outdoor unit in an inconspicuous location. The indoor units are small and discrete, and we can install them on the ceiling, on the walls or along the floor.

Heating and Cooling

Most ductless systems use a heat pump, which allows them to both heat and cool the home addition. Even though we have a mild climate, it can still get below freezing in the winter. Plus, because heat pumps work by transferring heat instead of generating it, they’re one of the most energy-efficient ways to warm a home addition.

Mini-splits are easier to maintain than most furnaces. They also tend to last longer.

Energy Efficiency

To cool your whole home, a ductless AC system is more efficient than having multiple window units. While a single window unit may not use a lot of electricity, it only cools one area of your home. To cool other parts, you have to install more units, and your energy use multiplies with each room.

Mini-split systems can run just a single outdoor unit to bring climate control to multiple areas of your home. Because ductless AC systems are inherently zoned, you can choose a preferred temperature for each area of your home. While in effect, mini-spit systems are whole-home climate control systems, you can choose to keep unused rooms at less comfortable temperatures, saving you money.

As you can see, a ductless AC system offers far more benefits than a window air conditioner. If you’re interested in having our service technicians install a ductless AC system in your home in Clemson, SC, give Complete Heat and Air a call today.

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