Winter has arrived, so you may be even more concerned about energy use in your Central, South Carolina, home. By improving the energy use in your home, you won’t only reduce your home’s carbon footprint. You’ll also reduce your monthly utility bills. To help you take control of the energy use in your home, be aware of these common mistakes:

Not Changing Your HVAC Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system is designed to trap pollen, dander, dust and other pollutants to prevent them from getting into the air supply in your home or the components of your system. While performing this function, your filter will become dirty and clogged, requiring regular changing to perform its job. When you fail to keep up with your filter changes, the airflow in your system will become restricted. As a result, it’ll cause your system to have to work harder.

Not Addressing Leaky Ducts

One of the components of your HVAC system where you’re likely to experience the greatest energy loss is in its ductwork. Cracks or leaks in your ductwork allow the heated air to escape. When this occurs, your system will have to expend more energy to get your home to the desired temperature.

Not Scheduling HVAC Maintenance

A poorly maintained system is an inefficient unit. Regular maintenance will ensure that all of the components of your system are clean and operating as they should. Your service technician will also address any possible airflow issues and other problems that can make your system operate less efficiently. Regular maintenance also helps you address any possible repair issues before they become larger ones that can affect the efficient and functioning of your system.

Don’t let the energy mistakes above ruin your system’s efficiency. Contact us at 864-206-5354. Complete Heat and Air will get your maintenance scheduled so that you can enjoy lower energy bills.

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