Making sure your HVAC unit is running efficiently won’t only save you money. It’ll also help to keep your home the perfect temperature. We all know Easley, South Carolina, is hot and humid during the summer and fall months. If you find your unit is constantly running or your electric bills are higher than last year, you probably need maintenance or repairs. Here are three warning signs of an inefficient HVAC system:

Absence of Cold Air

When you turn your AC unit on and let it run for a while, the air coming out of the vents should feel cold. There should also be warm air circulating around the outdoor unit. If your home isn’t getting cooler and staying at a consistent temperature, the unit may be low on refrigerant.

You need to give us a call to come out and check for leaks and give the system a charge. If you continue to have problems and your unit is more than 10 years old, consider buying one of the new high-efficiency air conditioners or heat pumps. As a result, you’ll avoid this problem.

Blocked Drainage

Another common problem that will make your HVAC unit less efficient is a blocked condensation line that isn’t draining effectively. When the water can’t drain and builds up in the system, you might see moist areas that will affect air quality and keep the unit from cooling correctly. You will need to call a trained professional to come in and check the line. They can clean or replace it as necessary.

Dirty Air Filter

An easy but often overlooked problem with your AC unit is a clogged air filter. HVAC systems need air to circulate freely in the unit to ensure it’s cooling properly. You can replace the filter on your own. Aim to do so every 30 to 90 days to prevent straining the system and poor air quality.

Are you concerned about the energy efficiency of your HVAC system? We can help. Call Complete Heat and Air today at 864-206-5354.

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