A furnace that won’t shut off is every bit as problematic as one that won’t turn on. A heating system like this can be a source of endless frustration to Clemson, SC, homeowners, so we’ll explain why this problem might occur.

Thermostat Issues

One common source of this issue isn’t directly connected to your furnace at all. Because your thermostat controls how and when your heating system functions, any malfunctions or improper settings will have an effect on it.

One common possibility is that the temperature on your thermostat is simply set too high, forcing the heating system to constantly fight to attain a temperature that it cannot reach. Another is that your thermostat is on its “On” setting rather than its “Auto” setting. The former keeps the heating system working without regard to external conditions, while the latter turns it on and off in response to indoor temperatures.

If altering your thermostat settings doesn’t resolve the problem, either your furnace is remaining on for some other reason or your device has a wiring issue that you’ll need a professional to fix.

Dirty Filters

Without proper airflow, your furnace’s operations will begin to come apart at virtually all levels. Furnace filters should remove pollutants from the air your heating system treats, but over time, they become dirty and can harm the air quality in your home. In addition to that, accumulated filth on the filter mesh will actually inhibit airflow and make it harder for your furnace to heat your home.

This, in turn, could trigger the furnace to remain on at all times in an effort to force the heating effect that it can no longer achieve. The solution here is to change your filters at least every three months.

Malfunctioning Limit Switch

Your furnace’s limit switch controls when the system releases heat and when it doesn’t. Normally, your furnace will heat your home until your thermostat registers the proper temperature, after which it will send a signal to the furnace and trigger the limit switch. If the switch is faulty, the furnace won’t receive this signal and will keep running.

If your furnace isn’t shutting off, there’s no need for you to endure the excess heat and energy bills in your Clemson, SC, home. Instead, call Complete Heat and Air to ask about our heating repair services and let us help you.

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