You need to do proper load calculations to make sure the HVAC system at your Central, SC, commercial facility functions efficiently. The overall square footage being heated or cooled matters considerably, but other factors also come into play. Knowing why commercial HVAC load calculations matter helps you understand the role the system plays in running your business.

Energy Efficiency

Numerous factors determine how much power your commercial HVAC system needs. They can range from insulation levels to the size of your windows.

Contractors who do load calculations know the factors to consider and how to measure them relating to heat gain and loss. When your commercial HVAC system is properly sized, it’ll run more efficiently and save you money on your utility bills.

More Than an Estimate

There was a time when industry contractors could do load estimates based on the square footage of a business alone. Modern commercial structures are more energy efficient, so cooling and heating loads are lower than they once were. Smaller commercial HVAC systems can still provide plenty of heating and cooling if the loads are calculated correctly.

Savings Over Time

Having proper commercial HVAC load calculations done now can result in saving money on maintenance down the road. Appropriately sized equipment is more likely to last longer and need fewer repairs, lowering your yearly operational cost and preventing premature replacement of the system or individual components.

Safer Breathing

Having a properly sized system load is crucial to achieve desirable temperatures and relative humidity levels. Dry air can irritate your skin, while high humidity can promote the growth of biological contaminants that make it hard to breathe.

Consistent Comfort

Improperly sized commercial HVAC systems don’t just waste energy and harm people’s health — they also leave everyone uncomfortable. Overpowered systems frequently cycle on or off, and underpowered systems run nonstop but never get the job done.

Precise HVAC load calculations account for square footage, airflow, open spaces, regional weather and heat sources. Professional HVAC service technicians can do the math so that you can keep your employees and customers comfortable while saving money. Contact our team at Complete Heat and Air for all your commercial HVAC service needs.

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