When the temperatures in Greenville, South Carolina, break the 80-degree mark, you depend on an air conditioner to deliver cold air. But the higher the temperatures soar, the more your AC system has to work to keep your home feeling comfortable. That strain can lead to numerous problems, especially if you haven’t maintained your air conditioning system. Not receiving cold air is a threat to your comfort, health and safety. Here are three reasons your AC system is struggling:

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Before you worry about having a broken AC system, make sure the thermostat is set to AUTO and not ON. When the thermostat is set to ON, the fan will run continuously. As a result, it’ll blow warm air when the air conditioner isn’t running and cold air it is. If changing the setting doesn’t solve the issue, there’s likely a bigger problem.

Low Level of Refrigerant

Air conditioner refrigerant is a liquid that absorbs heat in your home. Without enough of it, your AC system can’t absorb enough heat to make your home feel cooler. The most common reason for a low level of refrigerant in an AC system is a leak. If suspect an AC refrigerant leak, shut your system off immediately and schedule an inspection.

Malfunctioning Compressor

The compressor is one of the main components of an air conditioning system. Its function is to circulate refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. If the compressor sustains damage, your air conditioning system won’t be able to cool your home. Compressors are expensive to replace. The sooner you get yours inspected, the better.

You don’t have to suffer in sweat in your home this summer because your air conditioner isn’t adequately cooling your home. The sooner you schedule an inspection, the lower your risk of requiring a costly air conditioner repair or replacement. Contact Complete Heat and Air today at 864-206-5354 to friendly and expert helping resolving your AC issues.

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