Winter in Greenville, South Carolina, doesn’t bring a great deal of snow or frigid weather. But the temperatures do get low enough that you’ll use your furnace. That means higher energy bills. Discover easy and efficient steps you can take to reduce your winter energy bills and live a greener life.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Do you change your furnace filter regularly? If not, you definitely should. Changing your filter is a simple task that requires just a few seconds to do. A fresh filter will keep your air cleaner and allow your furnace to function more efficiently. As a result, you’ll minimize how much you spend on your heating bills.

Use Caulking and Weatherstripping

Many people feel shocked when they discover they have leaks in their home around their windows, doors, and even the ductwork and pipes that come in and out of the house. Use weatherstripping and caulking to take care of these problems. Tighten your home against drafts that can cause your furnace to work harder and raise your bills.

Add Storm Windows and Doors

If you have screen doors and window screens on your home, consider replacing them with storm windows and doors. Just like sealing cracks in your home, adding storm windows and doors will help keep your furnace more efficient and save you money.

Control Your Temperature

Do you have an older thermostat? If so, swap it out with a modern programmable version. These let you control when the home is heated and to what level. You can keep your house cooler when you’re not home and warmer when you are/ Many such thermostats even allow you to control them via cell phone from anywhere. As a result, you can stop heating an empty home and save energy.

You can call the pros to have your furnace professionally serviced. To schedule your appointment, call Complete Heat and Air at 864-206-5354 today!

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