Due to the significant investment required, it’s not always simple to determine when to replace your air conditioner. Nevertheless, there are some indications that a replacement is inevitable. Here are warnings to watch out for and tips for keeping your air conditioner in Greenville, SC, running reliably:


When deciding whether purchasing a replacement air conditioner is worthwhile, one crucial consideration is the system’s lifespan. Consider replacing your AC system if it’s more than 10 years old rather than fixing it. An upgrade could also save you money over time because of the emphasis on energy efficiency in more recent models.

If you need more time before purchasing a new AC system, it’s important to keep up with maintenance services to increase its lifespan. Beyond maintenance, some additional elements that affect the system’s lifespan include:

  • Excessive humidity or severe heat.
  • Your home’s general comfort settings.
  • A properly sized AC installation.

Poor Air Quality

When your AC system has issues, it may not always produce clean air. This might result from your air conditioner’s inability to filter dust and pollutants effectively. An inefficient AC system will also lead to a buildup of moisture, which creates a conducive environment for bacterial growth.

A new air conditioner, however, is effective at removing humidity and allergens from the air inside your house, enhancing indoor air quality. One of our qualified HVAC service technicians can evaluate your air conditioner and offer ideas if you need help deciding whether to replace it.

Rising Energy Bills

Your energy expenditures may have suddenly increased due to an ineffective or malfunctioning air conditioner. Your air conditioner may need to work harder to keep up with demand, consuming a lot of power as a result. A new central AC system can lower energy costs while also being better for the environment.

Additionally, many states give tax incentives to homeowners who replace their current system with one that has a greater Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The SEER rating is a gauge of energy usage and efficiency for air conditioners.

Although replacing your air conditioner is a substantial cost, preserving a suitable indoor environment is necessary. Replacing it will eventually be more cost-effective since it’ll improve energy efficiency and cut cooling costs. Contact Complete Heat and Air to install a new AC system in your home.

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