If you use a heat pump regularly in Central, SC, you could encounter some problems that require maintenance or repairs. Although uncommon, there are things that could go wrong, especially if you neglect your system. In this guide, you’ll discover four of them.

Heat Pump Fails to Power Up

Your system won’t power up if electricity can’t reach its thermostat or the main hardware. To restore power, you’ll have to investigate your electrical panel and every sub-panel that’s wired to the heat pump.

A frayed wire can also cause power-related problems. If you ever find a wire with exposed coils, it’s time to hire a professional to replace frayed wires and service defective motors.

Performance Problems

The most common performance problem for a heat pump is insufficient heat distribution. This happens when debris blocks the air ducts.

Highly trained service technicians fully understand how to optimize heat pumps that have heating inefficiencies. Typically, low heat production can occur when a system has any of the following issues:

  • Dusty air filters.
  • An improper thermostat temperature.
  • Low refrigerant.
  • Defective valves.

Strange Sounds

You may begin to hear strange sounds while your system is running. Usually, a loose component or a misaligned register causes low pitch sounds. A worn-out motor bearing causes grinding. You’ll hear this noise after a heat pump ages.

The best way to protect a heat pump is by seeking professional maintenance or heating repair immediately after you detect strange sounds. If you ignore hardware that grinds, the entire system could break down.

No Cooling Capability

Heat pumps need refrigerant so they can produce cool air. At some point, your heat pump’s refrigerant level could drop. To prevent this, you should schedule preventative maintenance.

These are just some of the problems that could affect a heat pump. To protect your system throughout the year, contact Complete Heat and Air and set up an appointment for maintenance service.

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