Heat pumps can cool and warm your Easley, SC, home. Since many households run them all year long, occasional repairs and replacements are inevitable. Learn more about the signs that indicate a heat pump issue so that you know when to call in a professional for repairs.

Strange Odors

There may be times when you notice a musty or burning smell when your heat pump is operating. A musty smell may mean that there’s microbial growth in the system. Burning odors generally indicate overheating issues or electrical problems, both of which could be hazardous.

Weird Noises

When your heat pump runs, you might hear squealing, banging, grinding or rattling noises. These generally mean that there’s a component failure or mechanical problem. Examples include problems with the fan motor, compressor or other internal components.

Reduced Performance

When a heat pump isn’t effectively maintaining your home’s temperature, this generally means it’s struggling even though it may seem to be operating normally. This issue could occur as a result of compressor problems, refrigerant leaks or airflow restrictions.

Frequent Cycling

Your heat pump generally cycles at regular intervals. If you notice it’s turning on and off frequently, this signals a problem. This extra activity will strain your system excessively and negatively affect your home’s comfort. Issues with the temperature sensors, thermostat or refrigerant levels can cause frequent cycling.

Visible Damage or Leaks

Monitor your heat pump for corrosion, rust, bent fins and other visible damage. Any liquid pooling around your system could mean there is a refrigerant leak. Both issues could compromise your system’s efficiency, performance and safety.

Heat pump problems can escalate and become more costly and time-consuming, so it’s best to tackle any issue right away. A qualified HVAC professional should handle any heat pump replacements or repairs to ensure the safety and full resolution of the problem. Call Complete Heat and Air today to learn more about our heat pump services and how we can fix your system.

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