The United States has more air conditioners than any other country. Residents of Clemson, SC, depend on this cooling technology to keep their homes comfortable in the hot, humid summers. However, if you try to run your AC systm with low refrigerant, you can cause damage that will require expensive repairs or even an entire replacement.

The Role of Refrigerant

The refrigerant in your air conditioner plays a critical role in transferring heat. Indoors, the substance absorbs heat and transforms from a gas into a liquid. The system then pumps the liquid to the outdoor components.

As air moves over the refrigerant in the outdoor coils, it cools and turns back into a gas. In this phase, it moves back indoors to repeat the cooling cycle.

How Does Refrigerant Leak Out of the AC System?

In ideal conditions, you won’t lose any refrigerant. It travels in a closed loop that should prevent its escape. Yet, age and other factors can cause refrigerant loss.

The copper coils that contain the substance are exposed to outdoor conditions. Although covering the system in the off-season can help, corrosion is still possible. Pinhole leaks and loose connections are the most common causes of AC refrigerant loss.

The Dangers of Low AC Refrigerant

When cooling equipment runs with low refrigerant levels, it stresses the whole AC system. As a homeowner, you will see a drop in cooling ability with inconsistent home temperatures. You may also deal with unexpected AC repairs when components wear out faster than they should.

The Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

An annual maintenance appointment is the best way to catch low refrigerant levels before they become a problem. A professional service technician will measure the levels and recharge the AC system. They may also recommend replacing the entire condenser component.

The experts at Complete Heat and Air are ready to help you with all your home cooling needs. If it’s time to schedule your next AC tuneup, contact us today to set up an appointment.

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