Professional maintenance and repair services form the core of efficient, working furnaces. There are several risks that should discourage you from repairing a furnace yourself. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t repair the furnace in your Clemson, SC, home without professional help:

Failed Repair Attempts

Firstly, the repair and maintenance of a furnace requires expertise. You may purchase the wrong replacement parts and tamper with components that work well if you try to fix the unit yourself. Faulty maintenance such as crossing wires, loose furnace components and leaking pipes are potential fire hazards. Therefore, it’s best to leave these tasks to a trained professional.

Nullified Warranties

Repair work done by unlicensed service technicians can void your warranty. Many of these contracts require only licensed service technicians to make repairs. If the heating repairs go wrong, you’ll be liable for the loss.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Repairing a furnace yourself could lead to a carbon monoxide leak. It exposes the household to a dangerous gas that’s fatal if it accumulates to high levels. Have one of our licensed service technicians check smoke detectors and conduct repairs. As a result, you’ll keep your family safe.

You Can Make the Problem Worse

Lack of expertise during repairs may worsen the condition of the furnace. Delicate system components may become unusable sometimes and may require total replacement. In the long term, it costs more to conduct repairs yourself than having a professional do it.

Difficulty Selling the House

Lastly, proof of an effectively maintained HVAC system by certified HVAC professionals makes it more desirable for potential buyers to make a purchase. Even though you may be competent in system repair, you’ll still lack proof of maintenance. Home buyers are more comfortable when there’s an official declaration of proper HVAC maintenance from certified service technicians.

Repairs and maintenance of the heating system by expert service technicians typically mean a longer system life, valid warranty covers and efficient functionality. If you need professional heating installations and repair services, contact Complete Heat and Air. We’ll be glad to serve you.

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