As a homeowner, it’s important to look for ways to improve indoor air quality. If you live in Pickens, SC, the iWave-R air cleaner should be a priority. Here are the four reasons you should consider installing the iWave-R air cleaner:

Eliminates Bacteria and Viruses

We’re all spending more time indoors these days, which means the air quality we breathe is more important than ever. The iWave-R air cleaner uses patented technology to safely clean and purify your home’s air supply. By generating negative ions, it effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses and other allergens, creating a healthier indoor environment for your comfort.

Harmless Without Negative Byproducts

The iWave-R is an air purifier that produces charged ions in a process called “bi-polar ionization” to create charged particles that attach to pollutants and breaks them down into harmless components like oxygen and water vapor. As a result, the iWave-R purifies the air without producing any harmful byproducts.

Cleans Odors and Smoke Particles

The kitchen is a source of indoor air pollution because of the wood or natural gas and the cooked foods. The iWave-R air cleaner effectively removes odors from the cooking, cleaning products and smoke particles from the air, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

Self-Cleaning IAQ Solution

The iWave-R has a self-cleaning technology that helps prevent dust and dirt from building up on the filter to prevent replacement or repair. You can set the interval of the number of days you want it to self-clean. As a result, you can enjoy clean and fresh air without worrying about constantly changing the filter.

If you’re looking for an air cleaner that can improve your indoor air quality or top-notch AC installation services in Pickens, SC, contact us at Complete Heat and Air. We would be happy to provide the services and answer any questions you may have.

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