Heat pumps are efficient systems for heating and cooling your home in Central, SC. An efficient heat pump performs optimally to maintain ideal temperatures during winter. If you need smart ways to use your heat pump efficiently, these tricks will help:

Keep Filters Clean

An effective way to use your heat pump more efficiently is to change or clean the filters at least four times per year if it’s in optimum condition. You may have to clean and change filters more frequently if you have pets, allergies, asthma or your home has a lot of dust. Clean filters improve indoor air quality and enhance the heat pump’s energy efficiency.

Set the Thermostat Correctly

A programmable thermostat is an effective tool for using a heat pump efficiently. It’s wise to avoid setting the thermostat to the extremes in a bid to achieve your ideal temperature because it strains your heat pump. Investing in a smart thermostat helps you save energy and money.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Failure to maintain your heat pump regularly lowers its performance and reduces its lifespan. During the annual heat pump maintenance service, our service technician will clean the system and repair or replace faulty parts. Contact one of our licensed service technicians to maintain your heat pump before winter to make it more energy-efficient.

Maintain the Heat Pump’s Exterior

Remove any obstructions, such as debris, twigs and leaves, to keep the exterior heat pump unit clear to enhance airflow. Avoid installing a cover over the exterior heat pump unit because an airflow reduction makes the system inefficient. Cleaning outdoor coils is another excellent way of using your heat pump efficiently.

Use these tips to improve your heat pump’s efficiency and make it last longer. It’s advisable to avoid postponing heat pump repairs if you want the system to attain its efficiency. Call us at Complete Heat and Air today for affordable heating repair services and information about making heat pumps efficient.

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