If you have any pets in your Travelers Rest, SC, home, you need to focus on indoor air quality. Your pets need healthy air if they stay inside most of their lives, but they can also be sources of indoor air pollution. Keep reading to learn steps you can take as a pet owner toward improved indoor air quality in your home.

Clean Your Home Frequently

This is the most fundamental aspect of improving your home’s indoor air quality. Clean out litter boxes frequently, and clean pet beds with baking soda. Deodorize and clean anything your pet touches, from carpets to toys.

Wash Your Pets’ Beds

Removable covers are very useful here because then you don’t have to wash the entire bed. Whatever you have to wash, do so on your washing machine’s hot cycle. That will minimize or even kill microorganisms and germs that are in the pet bedding.

Do Pet Grooming Right

Brushing your pet’s fur can help prevent shedding, keeping particulates from getting into your air conditioner. When grooming or bathing your pets, be sure you don’t stress them out too much. That might result in the very shedding you don’t want.

Clean or Replace Your HVAC Filters Often

Your system filters should catch particulates you don’t want in circulation. However, that means the filters will get less efficient over time. You will need to replace or clean your filters roughly once every two months, if not more, depending on how much your pet sheds.

Talk to Your Vet

Your pet’s vet should be one of your best sources of information about the animals in your life. Consult the office about how your specific breed might contribute to indoor air quality, but also ask about how your pet might be susceptible, too.

While there are many steps you can take as a pet owner to improve your home’s indoor air quality, there are also things only the professionals can do for you. Contact us at Complete Heat and Air for our indoor air quality services.

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