The term “IAQ” refers to the indoor air quality and pollutants in your home. Homeowners in Easley, South Carolina, can manage their IAQ in many ways. Read on to learn more.

Change the Filter Every Month

Firstly, utilizing a high-quality air filter is one of the best ways to improve IAQ. Filters catch and eliminate particulates as air flows through the HVAC system. Therefore, it’s important to change your HVAC system’s filter every 30 days. Dirty air filters can be a source of air pollutants that affect your indoor air.

Avoid Releasing Pollutants in Your Home

Secondly, improving the air quality in your home involves controlling the pollutants emitted. Some of the things to consider in reducing these pollutants include not smoking in the home, utilizing natural home cleaning products, and regularly dusting and vacuuming.

Using Indoor Air Quality Products

Thirdly, there are many products on the market that help control indoor air pollutants. Air purifiers remove pollutants and allergens directly from the air. Energy recovery ventilators work with the central air conditioner in your home to exhaust stale air and bring fresh air inside. Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers help maintain good indoor humidity levels, which is helpful for individuals with asthma or allergies. You should use a combination of both to balance your home’s humidity between 40 and 60 percent.

Ventilate Your Home Properly

Finally, it’s imperative to ensure that stoves and fireplaces are properly ventilated. These appliances can release toxic carbon monoxide into the air. Proper ventilation can remove these harmful pollutants and reduce your exposure. Also remember to ventilate areas with a lot of moisture, including kitchens and bathrooms. As a result, you’ll prevent microbial growth.

Improving the air quality of your home is about more than just comfort. It can help you live a healthier life. If you’re looking for an HVAC company that can help you control air pollutants in your home, contact Complete Heat and Air today for more information.

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