Like all HVAC systems, heat pumps have a limited lifespan. Fortunately, there are ways homeowners can increase their HVAC system’s longevity. Here are some tips for making a heat pump in Central, SC, last longer:

Clean the Outdoor Condenser

Your heat pump’s outdoor condenser houses the condenser coil. When the cold season sets in, the condenser coil defers to the evaporator coil and starts absorbing heat from outside.

Since the heat pump component is outside, leaves and debris may clog it. As a result, its ability to draw heat from outside reduces.

This causes your heat pump to run for long hours to reach your preferred temperature levels. Running without stopping causes your system’s parts to wear out faster.

Cleaning the outdoor unit enables the condenser coil to operate without hindrances. Also, it is not wise to have plants around the component.

You can also consider putting up a fence to keep furry friends away. Pets shed fur when they rub against the outdoor unit and can clog the condenser coil.

Schedule Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintenance helps to keep any machine, including a heat pump, running smoothly. Consider scheduling maintenance sessions twice a year — once before the onset of the hottest season and again before the coldest.

During the visit, a service technician inspects the electrical components and ductwork, lubricates moving parts and cleans the condenser and evaporator coils. They also inspect your system for refrigerant leaks.

Change Your Air Filter

An air filter traps pollutants circulating in your indoor air, protecting you from the adverse effects of poor indoor air quality. The filter also prevents these contaminants from getting into your heat pump and clogging its parts.

The component becomes clogged as it traps more and more contaminants. As a result, the airflow into your system reduces. The system will then run constantly, accelerating the wear and tear of its parts. Consider changing the air filter every month or two during winter.

Contact Complete Heat and Air for any of your HVAC needs. Our professional service technicians will work tirelessly to resolve your heat pump issues.

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