Indoor air quality is an important factor to consider in your Easley, SC, home. When filthy indoor air is present, you are susceptible to increased health and HVAC problems. Here are four health and HVAC problems caused by dirty air:

Increased Allergy Symptoms

A home with poor indoor air quality has higher levels of allergens, pollutants and debris. This can negatively affect your health through the increase of allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat.

Poor Sleep

It’s difficult to get the rest you deserve in a home filled with allergens and pollutants. You’ll wake up more often during the middle of the night when you’re unable to breathe freely because of these allergens. Consider installing a whole-home air purifier to remove tiny particles that your HVAC filter has trouble catching.

Reduced Efficiency

Dirty air filters can cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should to heat your home to its target temperature. This results in your HVAC system cycling on and off more frequently to circulate clean air throughout your home, leading to increased energy bills. Ideally, you should change your HVAC filter every 30-90 days.

HVAC System Failure

Poor air quality strains your HVAC system, so it must work harder to heat your home. This increased strain leads to more breakdowns and frequent repairs, resulting in a shorter lifetime for your HVAC system. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is important if you want to extend the life of your HVAC system when you know you have air quality issues.

Poor indoor air quality leads to many problems affecting your health and the performance of your HVAC system. If you would like to improve your home’s indoor air quality, contact us at Complete Heat and Air today to schedule an appointment.

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