While inside your home, do you find yourself frequently sneezing or coughing? And when you head outside, do you find that these symptoms suddenly disappear? If this happens to you, you might have indoor allergies. But rest assured that you don’t need to suffer while inside. Homeowners near Easley, South Carolina, should avoid these three simple habits when dealing with indoor allergies:

Forgetting to Change Your Bed Sheets

Not to gross you out, but your bed is a breeding ground for dust mites because they love dark and warm areas. They also feed off your dead skin cells. To fight back against dust mites, remember to wash your sheets at least once a week. It’s best to wash them in hot water and dry them with a high-heat setting. Also, think about purchasing allergy-proof covers for your pillows and mattress.

Keeping Your Windows Open

Even though you might enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass or love listening to birds singing outside, you should reconsider having your home’s windows open. During high-allergy times, it’s best to keep your windows closed. That way, you prevent smog, pollen and other irritants from entering your house. During the warmer months, run your air conditioner to keep the interior temperature comfortable.

Wearing Your Shoes Inside

You might think that wearing your shoes beyond the front door isn’t a big deal, but this can trigger allergies. Pollen falls from the plants outside, and you can track it into your home. On high pollen days, remove your shoes the minute you enter the house. If anyone in your house has bad pollen allergies, consider removing your clothing and taking a shower to remove any loose particles.

There’s no need to suffer from indoor allergies if you eliminate these bad habits. To learn how else you can purify the air inside your home, contact Complete Heat and Air today at 864-206-5354. We want you to breathe easier, sleep comfortably and live a healthier life from the comfort of your home.

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