Ductless mini-split systems are a popular way to enjoy efficient heating and cooling in your Liberty, SC, home. One of the benefits is that they take up less space, but an old or neglected mini-split can develop unusual noises from time to time. Here are noises that your ductless system might make and what they mean:

Occasional Popping

If your ductless mini-split has developed a popping sound, your system is expanding and contracting. Ductless mini-splits may do that while heating and cooling. Under these circumstances, popping sounds aren’t anything to worry about.

Constant Rattling

Rattling is another sound you can hear from your ductless mini-split. However, it doesn’t automatically signal a cause for concern. In most cases, rattling is a sign that there’s something loose in the ductless system.

But, it could also mean that a foreign object entered the system. Either way, have your ductless mini-split checked as soon as you hear rattling.

Winter Gurgling

If you have a ductless system that heats your house, you could hear a gurgling sound during the winter. That’s especially true if the main system is outside. Gurgling is a sign that your ductless system needs defrosting.

Once you run the defroster, the gurgling sound should disappear. Defrosting your system several times a day throughout the winter will help eliminate the problem.

Distinct Buzzing

If you hear buzzing sounds coming from the mini-split, call to schedule ductless repairs. This is one of the more serious sounds your ductless system makes and is usually associated with electrical problems.

If you notice any of the noises listed here, call Complete Heat and Air to find and fix the problem with your ductless mini-split in Liberty, SC. Our friendly service technicians are ready to diagnose the noises and repair the underlying problems quickly.

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