A refrigerant leak is one of the most serious things that can happen to an air conditioner. If you don’t take appropriate action in the wake of one, it might have ruinous consequences for your comfort and health in Pickens, SC. Here are three dangers of continuing to use your AC system once it’s low on refrigerant:

Loss of Cooling Power

The most immediate consequence for your AC system when it’s losing refrigerant is a loss of cooling power and efficiency. Refrigerant is what pulls heat from the air in your home and makes cooling possible. An HVAC service technician can replace your refrigerant while they perform maintenance on your AC system.

Long-Term Damage

When installing your cooling system, service technicians should have precisely calibrated it to work with a specific amount of refrigerant. If some refrigerant leaks out, it can damage parts of your AC system, especially its compressor.

Your AC system’s compressor is sized to complement the size and power of the air conditioner itself, so it should handle a certain amount of pressure once refrigerant enters it. After a refrigerant leak, that pressure will decrease and potentially destroy your compressor over the long term.

Health Risks

Lastly, refrigerant leaks pose a threat to your health. Refrigeration is a toxic substance, and ingesting or inhaling it can cause severe poisoning. If you inhale enough of it, it may lead to permanent neurological damage or worse.

If some refrigerant has already leaked out of your system, then there is a danger that even more will leak out if your HVAC system isn’t fixed. Not acting in response to a refrigerant leak will only increase the possible health risks.

One of the characteristic signs of a refrigerant leak is a sweet or ether-like smell in the air. If you notice this in your house, leave immediately and request the services of a trained HVAC service technician. Call Complete Heat and Air to schedule AC repair services in Pickens, SC.

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