Poor indoor air quality can lead to headaches, nausea or trouble breathing. It’s essential to understand the common causes of poor IAQ so that you can take steps to improve your home environment. The following are the common causes of poor indoor air quality in Liberty, SC:

Excess Moisture

Excess moisture is a common cause of poor IAQ. Plumbing leaks and high humidity levels in the air can cause excess moisture in the air. You can seek help from a specialist to help you fix any present leaks or find the source of the excess moisture.

Poor Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation can cause a buildup of contaminants in the air, leading to poor IAQ. This can be due to blocked vents, closed windows or not running exhaust fans properly. Ensure all vents are open and rooms are adequately ventilated with fresh outdoor air.

Dust and Pollen

Dust and pollen are common allergens that can lead to poor IAQ. To reduce these contaminants, make sure you regularly dust and vacuum your home. If allergies are a concern, an air purifier can help to remove them from the air. You can install a room-by-room or whole-home model, depending on your needs.

Chemical Pollutants

Chemical pollutants, such as cleaners, aerosols and paint, can lead to poor indoor air quality. To reduce your exposure, ensure you use green cleaning products and proper ventilation when painting or doing other indoor chemical-related activities.

By understanding the common causes of poorIAQ, you can take steps to improve it and ensure that your home environment is safe and healthy. Remember that the best solution for any indoor air quality issue may involve a combination of strategies, so consult an expert if needed. Contact Complete Heat and Air today to learn more about our indoor air quality services.

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