Commercial HVAC problems can hinder the overall efficiency and productivity of a business. In the worst cases, HVAC issues present the risk of harmful allergic infections to your employees and visitors. Here are four commercial HVAC issues that require professional help in Greenville, SC:

Ductwork Problems

Firstly, the HVAC air ducts play a crucial role in producing optimal indoor air circulation. Debris buildup clogs the ductwork system, disrupting airflow. Other notable ductwork issues include improper installation and poor insulation.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, leaks and cracks within the ductwork reduce HVAC efficiency by up to 30%. Routine inspection can identify potential ductwork issues before they worsen. Make sure to consult a commercial HVAC expert to correct defects in your air ducts.

Old Age

As commercial HVAC systems operate longer, their effectiveness takes a significant dip. The average life expectancy for commercial HVAC systems is between 15 and 20 years.

Older commercial HVAC systems can experience disruptive breakdowns that reduce their reliability. Professional maintenance improves the overall HVAC performance. As a result, you lower energy bills and reduce repair costs.

Failed Blower Motor

A broken blower motor inhibits the circulation of conditioned air within the indoor atmosphere. Common reasons for failed motors include faulty power supply, incorrect electrical connections and blown fuses.

Continued dust and debris accumulation causes the blower motor to strain. As a result, it reduces the HVAC efficiency. You should contact a commercial HVAC specialist in case of a broken blower motor. Additionally, seek professional help if the HVAC circuit breaker keeps tripping.

Thermostat Malfunction

Finally, a faulty thermostat significantly deters commercial HVAC operations. Common indicators of thermostat malfunctions include short-cycling and failure to reach the desired indoor temperature. It’s best if you work with a commercial HVAC contractor to diagnose and repair thermostat malfunctions.

Contact Complete Heat And Air for top-quality light commercial HVAC installation and repair services. By doing so, you’ll help to enhance comfort and efficiency. We provide maximum indoor comfort for your commercial building throughout the year.

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