Smart thermostats definitely live up to their name. If you live in Travelers Rest, SC, these innovative units can provide tremendous savings and benefits. Here are five advantages that any household can gain by installing a smart thermostat:

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Firstly, a smart thermostat can reduce your home energy bills without compromising comfort and safety. For instance, when everyone is out to work or school, a smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature setting to reflect these absences. As a result, homeowners will pay less to heat or cool spaces that aren’t in use.

Make Your Home More Marketable

For those who are looking to sell their homes, installing a smart thermostat is a quick, easy and relatively low-cost way to increase the appeal of any property. This advanced HVAC technology includes features that savvy home shoppers expect. They’re also essential for modernizing dated properties.

Get a Comprehensive View of Your Energy Use

Knowing how your energy use fluctuates throughout the year will enable you to proactively reduce your carbon footprint. A smart thermostat can use collected data to generate detailed reports on all surges or drops in energy use. Beyond allowing you to strategically adjust your practices for improved energy savings, these reports can help you identify HVAC issues such as a system that’s nearing the end of its lifespan.

Branded Apps Let You Control Home Temperatures From Anywhere

You can pair many smart thermostats with branded mobile phone apps for remote control access. With this setup, you can turn your air conditioner or heater on to create your ideal living environment just before leaving the office. You can also turn the heater or air conditioner down when other household occupants have cranked it up too high.

Continual Learning

Beyond having the ability to gather data, generate reports and store detailed schedules for household temperature settings, many of these units are constantly learning. With motion detectors and activity sensors, they can recognize household patterns and quickly adapt to seasonal changes.

Call Complete Heat & Air for a comprehensive suite of HVAC maintenance and installation services. We can outfit your home with a smart thermostat that’s always learning, constantly saving you money and continually improving overall home efficiency.

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