When you upgrade your home’s HVAC system in Clemson, SC to a heat pump, you need to know how to use this component properly. You can ensure it runs optimally by avoiding these four common heat pump mistakes:

Constant Adjusting

You may have grown accustomed to continuously adjusting the setting on your old system’s thermostat. However, when you adjust your heat pump’s setting too often, you risk tampering with its ideal function. It’s best to set your heat pump at a steady temperature. It’ll then adjust to that setting and offer you ideal cooling and heating for your home.

Using Auto Mode

Avoid using Auto Mode. Unlike your old HVAC system, which may have ran best on the Auto setting, your heat pump runs best when you set it to either Heat or Cool. These settings help your system keep your home comfortable year-round, with improved indoor air quality.

Overlooking Routine Maintenance

If your heat pump operates efficiently, you may not believe it requires routine maintenance. However, to keep it free from malfunctions, you need to have it maintained regularly. A reputable HVAC service technician can perform routine maintenance on your system to keep it working reliably.

Running the Lowest Speed

You may be tempted to use the lowest speed on your system out of a mistaken belief that this will help you save money and energy. However, heat pumps feature designs that make them work ideally on higher speeds. Reserve the lowest speed for times when you will be away from home for more than 24 hours.

Avoiding these four common mistakes can help your heat pump work better and last longer. Find out more about how heat pumps work by contacting Complete Heat and Air today. We can help you decide if this HVAC solution is the right fit for your house.

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