Many things can prompt you to wonder whether you should replace or repair your home’s air conditioner. It could be due to frequent AC failures, inefficiency or higher cooling bills. When deciding whether to replace or repair your air conditioning system in Central, SC, consider the following factors:

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is a crucial point of contemplation when deciding whether your AC system is due for replacement or needs routine repairs. If the air conditioning system can’t deliver more than 78% efficiency, it’s undoubtedly ready for replacement. Check your system’s age and its ability to cool your home without raising your energy bills.

If your AC system has hit old age, it’ll operate inefficiently and consume more energy to cool your home. AC repairs and maintenance could keep it running for some time, but it’s advisable to install a new one to cut costs and boost efficiency.

Frequency of Breakdowns and Repairs

One telltale sign of an air conditioner that’s ready for retirement is unending failures. If your AC repair specialist is frequenting your home, it’s time to let your old air conditioner go.

The repairs may revamp the AC system and keep it running for some days, but it’ll eventually fail again. New AC installations could save you money on repair costs and the headaches that come with them.

Years in Operation

With routine maintenance, some air conditioners can exceed the 10-year mark, performing efficiently and reliably. However, most air conditioners will be of little worth after the 10-year mark. They’ll break down often, perform inefficiently and even double your energy bills.

You’ll see your air conditioner’s age information on an inspection sticker on the system’s side or front. Therefore, if your system fails, check this sticker to know if it has exhausted its useful life.

For new AC installation and quick repairs, reach out to Complete Heat and Air. Our team has what it takes to give you customized and professional AC services.

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