When you need to replace your Greenville, SC, furnace, your first concern is your budget. Hardware and retail stores carry many popular furnace brands at low prices. Before you decide to take this option, though, you need to know that buying a furnace from a hardware store has a few caveats.

Experience Counts

The biggest reason to purchase your furnace from a specialist is experience. Retail stores often contract HVAC installation out, but many of these installers don’t work for the company that sold the unit. You won’tbe able to receive consistent, reliable service from retail stores; an experienced professional is more knowledgeable when it comes to installing your new furnace and honoring the work after the sale.

Selecting A Correctly Sized Furnace

Every home is unique, and getting the right size of furnace is essential. An experienced HVAC professional knows how to properly calculate the size of unit you need. Without a proper load calculation, the unit might be undersized or oversized, which can cause problems like inadequate heating or short-cycling.

Service Contracts

One of the best reasons to purchase your new system from an HVAC specialist is that most retail stores don’t offer a service or HVAC maintenance contract with your purchase. Once installation is complete, you’re on your own when it comes to finding someone to do maintenance and regular upkeep. Many professional installers offer maintenance contracts as part of the package.

When you’re ready to install your new furnace or you need HVAC repair, it’s time to call the professionals at Complete Heat and Air in Greenville, SC. We stand behind every unit we install and provide excellent after-sale support. We also offer courteous and fast service. Call us today to get started and make the best investment for your home heating needs.

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